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The Hearing Specialist is a private audiology company, offering professional hearing care services to those in Wallington and the surrounding areas. We have teamed up with Surrey Opticians to offer appointments for ear wax removal, hearing tests and hearing aid consultations & fittings at their Wallington practice.

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Looking for local hearing care and advice in Wallington? Visit The Hearing Specialist at Surrey Opticians for private hearing tests and ear wax removal services. Our fully qualified and registered audiologists are here to help you hear clearly again. Appointments are available every Tuesday & Thursday.


The Hearing Specialist

116 Woodcote Rd



Where to find us

We're located at the Wallington Opticians practice on Woodcote Road, located opposite Sainsbury's. Arrived for your appointment and still can't find us? Call the practice directly on 020 8647 3644.

COVID-19 Secure

Our clinic is completely COVID-secure. We are taking steps necessary to mitigate any risk to both you, us and the wider community. We are stocked with the required PPE.

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Please use the online booking form below to book an appointment for a hearing test, ear wax removal or hearing aid fitting at our Wallington clinic.

Thank you. I found the whole experience very satisfactory and it has solved my hearing problems. I was especially grateful for the follow-up appointment after wearing the hearing aids for a week - some very small adjustments improved the sound quality greatly.Google Review

Wallington's trusted audiologists

From our clinic in Wallington, we offer the following hearing care help:

Hearing Tests

At The Hearing Specialist, we pride ourselves on our professional, in-depth hearing test services. All hearing tests are performed in total comfort to help you feel at ease as we assess the quality of your hearing health. Hearing tests take just over an hour to complete, in which we will provide a full assessment of your hearing needs and recommend suitable treatment options to help you hear clearly again.

Hearing Aids

We offer independent hearing aid consultations and fittings in Wallington, with in-depth consultations and free trial periods to help you find the right device for you.

As an independent audiologist, we aren’t affiliated with any manufacturers – which means we offer completely unbiased advice and recommendations on the most suitable device for you. We have access to the most up to date, modern technology to perfectly fit your lifestyle and hearing needs.

Our ongoing hearing aid reviews help you to get the most out of your device for years to come.

Earwax Removal

Suffering with blocked ears? Excessive ear wax build up can lead to hearing difficulties, which is where microsuction comes in. This is a professional, safe and effective ear wax removal procedure which gently removes a build up of ear wax to help you hear clearly again.

Microsuction can be performed whenever required, and there is no limit to how many times you can have the procedure.

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