Hearing loss tips for Christmas – how to enjoy the festivities

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, as it gives us the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. This makes hearing clearly more important than ever, so we can understand one another better and enjoy the festivities, especially when socialising with groups of people.

For those who suffer from hearing loss, this can prove to be a challenge which can be difficult to deal with during the festive season. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. In today’s article, we will discuss our tips to enjoy the festivities if you’re suffering from hearing loss. 

Find quieter areas

A simple yet effective tip which is often overlooked, finding quieter areas to communicate with people can go a long way to understanding someone better. During Christmas, many people are in a jolly mood singing to their heart’s content and attending events with large crowds. Whilst this is the norm, it doesn’t remove the challenge hearing loss sufferers have to face. 

If anything, it can be more challenging to communicate with others as the loud noise blocks out the small talk; preventing you from hearing what somebody is saying. So, to avoid this problem from occurring, we suggest you find quieter areas where you can comfortably speak to your friends or family. Granted, this can be a challenge especially if you’re at an event such as the Christmas markets, but try your best. If need be, speak to someone prior to attending the event and make them aware of your hearing loss. You don’t have to delve into the specifics, just mention your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be.

Alternatively, if your hearing loss is making you feel more anxious and stressed than usual, book an appointment with an audiologist. At The Hearing Specialist, our team of specialists will conduct a thorough hearing test and diagnose your problem straight away. We’re attentive throughout the entire process, and should you need to ask a question, we will be happy to listen – there are no right or wrong questions!

Male suffering from hearing loss

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Another tip which many forget, and it’s possibly the most challenging from our list, is asking for help. Too often, people suffer in silence and just ‘get on’ with their suffering. This should not be the case and we always encourage anyone with hearing loss to ask for as much help as they need. Throughout the Christmas period, more often than not it is always a rowdy time of year, as friends and family soak up alcohol and enjoy the festivities. But, if this is disrupting your hearing then you must ask the people closest to you to turn their volume down so you can understand what is happening and enjoy yourself. 

Also, similar to our previous tip, speak to your friends or family prior to going out or inviting people over and tell them that you’re struggling with your hearing. You don’t have to broadcast to everyone about your hearing troubles, but speak to the people closest and we’re sure they will understand your problem. It can be a daunting task asking for help, and many go against it, but we can’t express enough how vital it is to speak up. 

If you’re struggling to pluck up the courage to talk about your worries in preparation for the Christmas period, contact us at The Hearing Specialist – we’re here to help. 

Position your best side

Next on our list and quite an easy tip to implement into your lifestyle, is to position yourself on your best side. This is a simple addition you can make, as all you need to do is when you’re sitting or standing next to someone you’re speaking to, position yourself so you’re on your good hearing side. You can do this as discreetly or openly as you like, and if you’re worried you may be judged by others – they will not notice!

You will notice a huge difference by doing this simple thing, especially during Christmas time. You’ll be able to understand conversations better and communicate with others clearly without any issues. There may be the odd word or sentence you mishear, but nine times out of ten you will hear much clearer. 

Senior lady with a hearing aid

Get your hearing tested prior to activities

If you’re struggling with hearing loss and you’re worried about hearing clearly during Christmas, then we strongly urge you to get your hearing checked. It could be the difference between a great and content Christmas. An audiologist can diagnose the extent of your hearing loss, and devise the next logical steps for you to take. Whether that be purchasing hearing aids or not, they will have the best solution for you. 

If you’re looking for the best audiologist to examine your hearing, then you can’t look further than us at The Hearing Specialist. From the start to the end, we will tailor your hearing test process to benefit your needs. All hearing tests are carried out by our qualified and registered audiologists, who will assess your hearing and diagnose the severity of your hearing loss.

Once the hearing test is complete, we will discuss your results with you and make recommendations on the next step. This could involve medical referrals, reevaluation months down the line, or recommending hearing aids. We encourage all of our patients to ask as many questions as possible so they’re fully aware of the situation.

woman undergoing a hearing test

We hope you enjoyed reading our latest article on how to enjoy the festivities if you’re suffering from hearing loss. If there is anything you think we have missed, or you would like to book a hearing test appointment, get in touch with us today!