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preparing for a hearing test

Preparing for a hearing test: Top tips

Hearing tests are crucial for assessing your hearing health and providing an accurate diagnosis with solutions to treat any hearing loss. Whether you think you may be suffering from hearing loss, have noticed a change in the way you hear sounds, or even if you think your hearing is perfectly fine, y...
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ear trumpet hearing aid

The history of hearing aids

Hearing loss is a debilitating condition which people around the world have struggled with for as long as humans have existed on earth. In today’s world, hearing loss is a much more manageable condition due to the super sleek, stylish hearing aids available on the market. However, that hasn’t al...
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Signia Dry&Clean charger

How to look after your hearing aids

Hearing aids are a significant investment in your health and overall quality of life – so taking good care of them is crucial. Whilst high-quality hearing aids are relatively robust and can withstand the daily wear and tear of everyday life, keeping them in top condition will ensure that they ...
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