Maintaining your Hearing Aids

From time to time, there are different tasks you’ll have to do to keep your hearing aid working in good condition. This can involve changing small parts such as eartips, or simple day to day processes like charging.

We’ve put together a collection of videos from Signia, detailing how you can look after your hearing aids and keep them working as well as possible for you.

How to charge your hearing aids

The following how-to uses the Signia Pure Charge hearing aids, but is a similar process for many other brands and models.

How to charge your hearing aid charging unit

How do you charge the unit in which you charge your hearing aids? The following how-to is about the Signia Pure Portable Charger, but is similar for other models.

How to insert a RIC (receiver in canal) hearing aid

This video shows you how to insert a RIC hearing aid into the ear, using the Signia Pure Charge&GO AX as an example.

How to remove a RIC (receiver in canal) hearing aid

A quick guide to show you how to safely and carefully take out a RIC hearing aid from your ear. This video uses the Signia Pure Charge&GO AX as an example.

How to replace a hearing aid eartip

This how-to guide shows you how to replace an eartip on the Signia Pure Charge&Go hearing aid, but is a similar process for many other RIC hearing aids.

How to replace a RIC hearing aid receiver

A how-to video detailing how you go about replacing the miniReceiver 3.0 on a Signia Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aid.

How to recharge your hearing aids on the go

If your hearing aids have a portable charging case, such as the Signia Active, then you can charge up your devices while out and about.

How to replace your hearing aid click sleeves

A how-to guide showing you the process of replacing your hearing aid click sleeves. This example uses the Signia Active hearing aid, but is similar for many other makes and models.

Need any more help?

If you’re still having issues with your hearing aids and require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact The Hearing Specialist. We offer hearing aid advice and upgrades from our clinic in Wimbledon, as well as on home visits in Banstead, Sutton, and Croydon. Call us on 020 8150 7178 or email [email protected] for more information.