Signia AX

Signia AX, available now at The Hearing Specialist.
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Get back into conversations with the compact yet powerful Signia AX hearing aid.

The AX is Signia's smallest rechargeable RIC (receiver in canal) hearing aid, providing a reliable, modern solution for your hearing loss. Bluetooth provides direct streaming from mobile devices and other media, while the charging unit works quickly to provide you with durable power every day. Interested in upgrading to the Signia AX? Contact The Hearing Specialist today.

Bluetooth Streaming

Whether you're listening to music or talking on the phone, the Bluetooth compatibility of the Signia AX ensures you won't miss out. Stream your audio directly to the ears, with clear sound provided through the hearing aids.

Easily Rechargeable

Don't worry about changing the batteries. The Signia AX is rechargeable using a simple wireless unit. Just place your hearing aids in the case at night, and wake up the following morning to a full day's power.


The Signia AX is compatible with the new Pure Dry&Clean charger. As well as charge your hearing aids each night, the charger will use UVC cleaning and drying technology to ensure the devices are kept in the best condition possible.

Clear Sound Quality

The Signia AX hearing aid provides you with the best quality sound, to provide you with assistance no matter the situation. The hearing aids pick out speech and amplify it with outstanding clarity, while there's also a fully immersive soundscape of the sound around you.

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