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Hearing Tests

Independent hearing test appointments in South London.

Trouble with your hearing? It's important to get your ears checked.

The Hearing Specialist offers professional, thorough hearing tests in Wimbledon at our clinic, or in the comfort of your own home throughout the Banstead, Croydon and Sutton areas.

All hearing tests are carried out by qualified and registered audiologists, who will assess your hearing and diagnose the severity of your hearing loss. We'll discuss with you the most suitable treatment options to help you hear clearly again.


Home visits In-clinic
£69 £49

Or FREE when purchasing a hearing aid

1. Booking your appointment

We'll arrange an appointment time and date, with you either coming to our clinic in Wimbledon, or us visiting you at home. Our home visit service is available in Banstead, Sutton, Croydon and surrounding areas.

2. Your ears will be visually inspected

At your appointment, firstly we will inspect your ears using a handheld otoscope to check for any signs of abnormalities, medical conditions or a build up of ear wax that could be causing your hearing problems

3. Your hearing will be tested

An in-depth, thorough hearing test will be performed which may include a tone test and a speech test to assess all aspects of your particular hearing issues and concerns

4. We'll discuss your options

We will discuss your results with you and make recommendations on the next step. This could involve medical referrals, reevaluation months down the line, or recommending hearing aids

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Local hearing tests in Wimbledon, Croydon, Banstead & Sutton

Prices: Home visit £69 | In-clinic £49 or FREE when purchasing a hearing aid

    Unbiased, Independent Audiologists

    The Hearing Specialist is a completely independent company, meaning we are not affiliated to any particular hearing aid manufacturer.

    For our patients, this means that they get entirely unbiased recommendations on the hearing aids that are most suited to their requirements, lifestyle and budget.

    We'll never try to upsell something that isn't the perfect fit for you, as our main priority is finding the technology that gives you what you need from your hearing aids.

    In-clinic appointments and home visit services

    Hearing tests in Wimbledon

    Local to Wimbledon? Book a hearing test at our new Wimbledon clinic at a time that suits you.

    Offering accessible hearing tests to everyone is our priority, which is why we offer both home visits and in-clinic services for those who would rather come to us.

    Our expert audiologists are available for independent, professional hearing tests in Wimbledon, located on The Broadway.

    Our home visits service

    At The Hearing Specialist, we're passionate about making hearing tests accessible to everyone. Taking care of your health is a top priority, and should you be concerned about your hearing, it's important to get it checked.

    However, we understand that not everybody can safely get to a clinic for a test. More often than not, this will mean that an appointment is never made - leaving the ears to deteriorate even further.

    That's why we introduced our home visits service, where we do the travelling so you don't have to. Our home visits service covers Croydon, Wimbledon, Banstead & Sutton, but we may be able to travel further afield if required.

    My grandad was struggling with his hearing, The Hearing Specialist came to our house on time explained everything to him and us and the service was fantastic made us feel really comfortable. I highly recommend using The Hearing Specialist for an exceptional service.Google Review

    Do I need a hearing test?

    Hearing loss happens gradually, and sometimes it can be difficult to realise that you can't hear quite as clearly as you used to.

    However, there are some tell-tale signs that you might need your hearing assessed:

    • You’re constantly turning the TV volume up
    • You struggle to keep up with conversations in noisy environments
    • You keep having to ask people to speak up or repeat what they’re saying
    • You have trouble talking on the phone

    Why are hearing tests important?

    In the same way that you visit your optician or doctor, making a hearing test part of your annual health check ups is vital to maintaining your overall health. Hearing loss affects your overall quality of life, with notable impacts on your mental and physical health.

    Hearing tests performed by a qualified and professional audiologists can detect any signs of hearing loss, and identify the type of hearing loss you are experiencing in order to recommend the most suitable hearing aid, or advise on an appropriate treatment if necessary.

    It's crucial to get your hearing checked annually, as taking a thorough look into the ears during a hearing test can also pick up any other medical issues that could be a cause for concern including ear infections, tinnitus and benign tumours.