Bernafon Viron Hearing Aids: Clear, Focused Sound

Produced by the long-established Swiss audiology company Bernafon, the Viron hearing aid range utilises modern technology to create a high quality sound experience.

The Viron range offers versatile hearing instruments with a focus on clearer sound that can improve the user’s day-to-day interactions and quality of life.

Five Performance Options

The Viron range consists of five key options, starting with the Viron 1, and going up to the Viron 9.

The Viron 1 is seen as an entry level hearing aid, with the Viron 3, 5, 7 and 9 offering an ever-increasing level of performance, quality and result.

Each of the five performance options offers the same high level of operating comfort, while other factors such as sound, speech understanding, and hearing comfort can vary throughout the range.

Wearing Styles

After choosing one of the five performance levels, you can select the style of hearing aid you wish to wear.

Each performance level is available across four key styles of instrument, offering a choice to users who prefer to wear their hearing aids in different ways.


Bernafon miniRITE

The miniRITE is a simple receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid with a sleek, stylish design. The design offers a high level of discretion, with the hearing aid often not noticeable to others.

miniRITE T

Bernafon Viron miniRITE T

An advanced version of the miniRITE, this receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid offers the same discreet design, but with a double push button to change the settings. It also has an addition telecoil that enables the user to pick up signals from loop systems in public places.

miniRITE T R

Bernafon Viron miniRITE T R

This style offers the same design and functionality as the miniRITE T, but with the additional benefit of being fully rechargeable. While the other options require battery changes from time to time, this model is fitted with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, offering increased convenience. A full charge will give users a whole day’s use.

BTE 105

Bernafon Viron BTE 105

Whilst the other three models are receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids, the BTE 105 is a behind-the-ear option, that offers a powerful performance to users with moderate to profound hearing loss.

As well as selecting a wearing option, you can choose from multiple stylish colour options to best suit your tastes. These options include metallic anthracite, sand beige, and antique bronze.

Focused Results

One of the main aims of the Viron range is to ensure people can focus on the sound they need, rather than just getting an amplified noise of all of their surroundings.

The Viron is proven to improve the understanding of speech, allowing for clearer conversations. It can also enable better enjoyment of music, with the hearing aid able to connect to Bluetooth devices, something that also enables easier phone calls.

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