Signia Xperience Hearing Aids: Motion Detecting Technology

Signia Xperience Hearing Aids

Produced by Signia, the Xperience range aims to combat the long-standing issue of many hearing aids only offering an amplified sound of your surroundings, rather than a clear focus on what you actually want to hear.

As you move through different locations and environments, the sound of your surroundings can change quickly, sometimes jumping from one extreme to another. As such, it’s difficult for a standard hearing aid to keep up, meaning it’s even tougher for you to hold a proper conversation.

Because of this, Signia Xperience utilises some unique technology that can make a huge difference as you go about your day.

A World’s First…

Signia Xperience is the world’s first hearing aid range that monitors movement as part of your audio experience.

The hearing aid automatically adjusts how it works depending on your movement and surrounding sounds. While a standard hearing aid relies on directional microphones that can sometimes cut people out of conversations, the Xperience ensures all sides of a conversation can be heard and understood clearly.

Performance Levels & Features

The Xperience range is available across three performance levels – the 3X, 5X and 7X.

Acoustic and motion sensors are a constant across all three levels, as are the Dynamic Soundscape Processing and OVP features.

Dynamic Soundscape Processing means that the sound clarity and quality automatically adjusts to give you the best natural sound and speech results from all directions. OVP (Own Voice Processing) uses technology to detect your own voice, ensuring your hear yourself in a natural style.

Aside from the large array of constant features across the board, the three performance levels see changes in sound clarity, speech quality, and user interaction.

Signia Xperience Models

Signia Xperience technology can be found across five key hearing solutions, each offering different styles and features for varied needs.

Styletto X

The Styletto X has a sophisticated design, enabling the hearing aid to sit discreetly behind the ear. It’s also easily rechargeable, coming with a small, portable charging case. Wireless charging technology is a big plus, with each full charge providing three days of use.

Silk X

An in-ear hearing aid, this can sit comfortably within your ear thanks to versatile soft-silicon sleeves. A highly discreet option, the in-ear design enables you to carry on with life as normal, taking phone calls and wearing headphones as you would without hearing aids.

Pure 312 X

The Pure 312 X sits behind the ear with a modern, slim design for a comfortable fit. It’s one of the smaller hearing aids of this style, but is still able to offer all of the Xperience features, as well as direct Bluetooth streaming.

Pure Charge&Go X

The highlight of this hearing aid is its revolutionary charging technology. The hearing aid comes with a specially designed, small charging box. Each night before bed, you can simply place your hearing aid in the case and leave it to charge, providing you with a full day’s use.


CROS X is a hearing aid specially designed for users who have hearing loss in one ear only. It uses the same incredible Xperience technology, and is handily rechargeable.

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