Earwax build-up: How microsuction can help you

man undergoing ear treatment

It’s common for many people of different ages to develop excessive earwax, and whilst this may seem irritating at first, it’s actually healthy for you. If your ears are developing earwax it shows they’re doing their job cleaning your ears out, however, we understand it can be a visible inconvenience.

So, to combat the visibility issue of earwax there are many scenarios you could choose from. At The Hearing Specialist, we strongly recommend microsuction as it’s the fastest and safest way to remove your ear wax. 

What is microsuction and how does it work?

Microsuction is a modern technique which safely removes earwax from the ear. Before removing the earwax, an audiologist will inspect your ear to locate where the build-up is. To do this they will either use an endoscope which has a tiny light attached so they can see clearly in your ear, or they will use a microscope to find the blockage.

Once located, the audiologist will use a tiny vacuum which gently sucks all of the earwax from your ear. At first, your eyes may start watering as the body is not used to this type of equipment, but once you get passed that initial hurdle you will start to relax. After both ears have been cleaned, you will naturally feel like you can hear more – and you may be pleasantly surprised by how well your hearing improves!

Due to the fantastic results it delivers, microsuction has become the leading wax removal technique for audiologists around the world. The procedure significantly out-ranks other solutions such as syringing, as the majority of people feel more comfortable. The whole process is designed to put the patient’s safety first, and within a few minutes, the wax is removed safely from the ear without any hassle. 

At The Hearing Specialist, we offer a microsuction service at 3 of our clinics in Wimbledon, Wallington and Teddington. If you’re local to any of these areas and would like to find out more, get in touch with us today and one of our team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Elderly man receiving microsuction service

The benefits of microsuction

A groundbreaking technique which has revolutionised earwax removal around the world. Microsuction has many benefits and it’s clear to see why audiologists prefer to use this method to remove a patient’s earwax. Firstly, it’s quick and efficient to use with many case studies concluding they had zero problems with the tiny vacuum in their ear. For the entire duration, they were comfortable and felt at ease with the audiologist throughout the whole process.

Compared to irrigation, microsuction can often be performed on people who suffer from a ruptured ear drum and a history of ear surgery. Although, we always urge you to seek the audiologist’s advice as they may suggest for you to avoid the procedure depending on your current ear health. However, they can encourage you to return to them at a later date when the issue has resolved itself, therefore allowing them to safely remove the wax without any inconveniences.

If you’re tired of using irrigation to remove wax from your ears and would like to try an alternative, then we highly recommend you choose microsuction. At The Hearing Specialist, our team of experts have the knowledge and the skillset to successfully perform the microsuction technique without any hassle or stress. 

You can book an appointment at any of our clinics and the whole process will run swiftly, so you’re in and out as soon as possible. The results of microsuction usually last between 6 -12 months depending on the frequency that your ear produces wax, and the type of wax it produces.

Audiologist inspecting elderly woman ear canal

Common causes of earwax build-up

Earwax build-up can affect people differently. For some, earwax builds significantly and prompts them to be cleaned regularly, and for others, they don’t produce a lot of wax which doesn’t cause them many issues. In summary, we all produce wax at a different rate. However, there are quite a few common issues that can impact the production of wax in your ear. 

For example, cleaning your ears at home is arguably the biggest culprit with many people using cotton buds to remove their earwax. This is unsafe to do, and you should steer away from using cotton buds if you currently use them. When you use a cotton bud you’re pushing wax deep into the ear canal which can cause you many issues such as blockages and may potentially burst your ear drum.

Also, wearing earphones or a hearing aid can impact the growth of wax as they constantly rub on the ears. The ears will produce more earwax as they’re protecting themselves from irritation or infection. So, if you can avoid wearing earphones often this will reduce the growth of wax in your ear. If you wear a hearing aid then you will not be able to take them off frequently, however, when you’re able to give them a clean so they’re bacteria-free.

So, for future reference, if you think you’re building earwax more frequently than usual or would like to get your ears cleaned out, always get your wax removed by a professional. The audiologist will know exactly the best and safest way to remove your earwax and will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

woman incorrectly cleaning her ears

The symptoms of earwax build-up

Now you understand the common causes of earwax, it’s important to be aware of the symptoms as they are a big tell-tale sign you have a blockage in your ears. Hearing loss or ear ache is usually the most common symptom to keep an eye out for as you can spot them easily. If you’re aware of these issues then we urge you to see an audiologist for further inspection.

Another couple of symptom examples of earwax build-up is tinnitus or fullness of the ear. If you suffer from tinnitus you will experience a ringing or buzzing noise in your ear, which can be quite painful and irritating if you’re new to this sensation or are a long-time sufferer. Tinnitus can be treated separately, but we do advise you to speak to your audiologist first before enquiring about wax removal. 

It’s important to recognise that if you leave earwax build-up untreated, you risk a serious chance of issues developing in the future. Unremoved earwax can lead to infection, so it’s crucial you spot the symptoms quickly to reduce the chances of infection in the ear. 

If you’re interested in learning more about microsuction, get in touch with one of our friendly team members and they will discuss in detail how the procedure is carried out and if it’s the right fit for you. 

On the other hand, if you want your earwax to be removed using microsuction then at The Hearing Specialist we are more than happy to accommodate you. Our excellent audiologists have the tools and knowledge to complete this without any hassle or stress. Click here to book an appointment