Mobile Audiology Services: Everything you need to know

Audiology inspection

The Hearing Specialist recently moved into a new clinic in Wimbledon, where we continue to offer our high quality audiology services. However, if you’re based in the South London area but can’t travel to our new home in Wimbledon, we’re able to come to you. We offer a mobile audiologist service, visiting patients’ homes in Croydon, Banstead and Sutton.

It can often be a much more convenient way of getting your hearing health checked by a professional, with a visit from our audiologist helping you to clear up any concerns you might have about your hearing all in the comfort of your own home.

All of the services we offer at our clinic are available on home visits, including hearing tests and ear wax removal.

Home Hearing Tests

Are you worried about your hearing? Maybe you’ve struggled to keep up with conversations, or have to constantly turn up the television? Hearing loss doesn’t mean you need to struggle in this way for the rest of your life. Sometimes, treatment can be available to reduce these symptoms, or hearing aids could help you to get back to normal.

Our home visit service allows us to perform a full assessment of your hearing, providing us with enough information to best advise you.

Audiology inspection

First, we’ll carry out a visual inspection of your ears. A close look in your ears can sometimes provide us with an early indicator of what’s causing your hearing loss. We might find a blockage of ear wax, for example, which could then be easily cleared using our ear wax removal service.

After this, we’ll perform a hearing test, with this including checks of how well you can hear speech and different tones. These tests allow us to get a better idea of how your hearing loss works – you may be struggling with some aspects of hearing more than others, and this can help us determine what we do next.

Once we have made a diagnosis, we’ll advise you on your next steps, whether this is a session of ear wax removal, or the implementation of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fittings at Home

Whether you need hearing aids for the first time, or already have some and are looking for an upgrade, we can assist.

We’re an independent provider of hearing aids, meaning we’re not tied to any hearing aid manufacturers. As such, we offer some of the best hearing aids from a wide selection of well-known brands.

In-ear Hearing Aid

We can visit you at home to discuss your hearing aid needs. If we’ve carried out a hearing test, we’ll know what type of hearing aid will best suit your requirements. If you already have a hearing aid but are still struggling with your hearing, we can determine what upgrade would be right for you.
We offer some of the most modern, reliable hearing technology – many of the hearing aids we stock are easily rechargeable, and can connect via Bluetooth to stream audio from other devices, directly to your ears.

Of course, the very best hearing aid technology can come with some off-putting price tags, but we’re working hard to make them more affordable. We offer interest-free credit on all hearing aid purchases, meaning you can access the very best solutions without breaking the bank.

Mobile Ear Wax Removal

If you have a build-up of excess wax, it can cause issues with your hearing. Sometimes, blockages can reduce your hearing level, while also leaving your ears feeling uncomfortable. It’s easily dealt with though, with a simple session of microsuction.

Microsuction involves the insertion of a very small device into the ear, which gently suctions away excess wax. It’s a completely safe, painless procedure that can have great benefits.

It might sound like something that needs to be done in a clinic, but it’s perfectly suitable for home visits. The necessary equipment is easily transportable, and can be quickly set up to carry the process out in your home. While other forms of wax removal, such as ear irrigation, can sometimes be a bit messy, microsuction is a completely clean alternative – you don’t need to worry about it creating a mess in your home.

Covid-Secure Service

As with our clinic appointments, home visits are completely COVID-secure, with our audiologist following guidelines to reduce the risk of infection.

Man having a hearing test

Our audiologist will wear a mask throughout the duration of your home visit appointment, and where possible, will follow social distancing rules. We’re fully stocked with sanitiser and disposable PPE, so when we need to get close for services such as wax removal and hearing tests, risk of infection will be minimised.

All of the equipment we use for our services is completely sanitised between appointments, so there’s no chance of any cross-contamination.

What Our Patients Say

Don’t take our word for it – we’ve seen many patients at home throughout the pandemic, with many of them leaving us five star reviews about our service.

Here’s what some of our patients had to say about our mobile audiologist service:

“Came to my relatives home for hearing aid / wax removal – best service! Very affordable & super friendly, would definitely recommend :)”

Charley Allen

“My mum is in a care home and her hearing aid broke during lockdown when there were no family visitors allowed. Needless to say I was relieved when I found “the hearing specialist” on Google and spoke to Sumit.

Sumit was able to visit my mum’s care home to conduct a hearing test and then phoned me to prescribe a suitable hearing aid. Once the hearing aid was ready he visited the care home again, fitted the new hearing aid and trained the staff on how to look after it.

I am not exaggerating when I say that the new hearing aid has surpassed my expectations as it works really well and makes communication with mum 100% easier than with her previous hearing aid.

I am so grateful to Sumit and “the hearing specialist” for the excellent product and superb service.”

Ian Thompson

“When my gran was experiencing dizziness and a buzzing in her ear, I gave this company a call. I was immediately able to speak to audiologist and given expert advice. After using drops for a few days, she had an appointment for wax removal. As soon as the procedure was over, the hearing in her left ear improved within minutes. I couldn’t believe it. The audiologist was kind and patient, we felt at ease and it was done at home so the process was a lot more comfortable.”

Alma Attire

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Do you think you might issues with your hearing, or would benefit from ear wax removal? Whether you want to come for an appointment at our Wimbledon clinic, or would prefer us to visit you at your home in Croydon, Sutton, Banstead and surrounding areas, you can book an appointment with us today.

We have a quick appointment turnover, meaning you don’t need to book weeks in advance – same day appointments are also sometimes available. You can book an appointment by calling us on 020 8150 7178, or by requesting a call back through the form on our contact page.