Hearing tests in Croydon

The Hearing Specialist is an independent audiology company based in Croydon, proudly looking after the hearing needs of those in the area and neighbouring locations with the highest quality of hearing care. We can travel to you to consult on your hearing needs within the comfort of your own home, so if you are in need of any hearing related services such as a hearing test, hearing aids consultation or ear wax removal - look no further.

Local Croydon audiologists

If you live in the Croydon area, we can visit you at home to perform a thorough hearing test, and provide you with advice and care for your hearing loss. Simply book an appointment using the contact form on this page, or give us a call to arrange your visit.

Croydon home visits

We can provide you with quality care and hearing advice from the comfort of your own home in Croydon. Our friendly team of audiologists are here to listen, learn and help you with your hearing problems.

COVID-19 Secure

Our home visits are completely COVID-secure. We are taking steps necessary to mitigate any risk to both you, us and the wider community. We are stocked with the required PPE.

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Croydon's trusted audiologists

Through our home visitation work, we offer the following audiological services to the people of Croydon and surrounding areas.

Hearing Tests

We know that our ability to hear deteriorates as we get older, and often we won’t notice these changes for a while. All of our hearing tests start with an initial consultation, where we talk to you about your hearing history and learn to understand your situation.

We will check the health of your ears and take you through some simple frequency checks to test how well you can hear.

Hearing Aids

Once your hearing test is completed, we may suggest hearing aids to help improve your ability to hear. We don't just fit you with any old technology though, we will consult with you on your needs and requirements before making a recommendation on a hearing aid type that suits you best.

As we are an independent company we owe no affiliation to any particular hearing aid manufacturer. It's all about finding the technology that gives you what you want from your hearing aids.

Earwax Removal

If you are experiencing sudden hearing loss or pressure inside your ear, it may mean that you need earwax microsuction. We offer a comfortable and highly effective service, whereby we use a tiny vacuum to pull breakdown the build-up and pull it out of the ear canal. Same day ear wax removal appointments in Croydon are available, get in touch with us to book.

Hearing appointments in Croydon

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