Bernafon Alpha

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Alpha 9 from £3,295 | Alpha 7 from £2,995 | Alpha 5 from £2,795

Inspired by the hearing of animals, the Bernafon Alpha provides clear speech understanding.

Packed with the most modern hearing aid features and technology, the Bernafon Alpha hearing aid range provides incredible results for your hearing loss. With a focus on better understanding in conversations and clearer sound, this could be the hearing aid for you. Get in touch with The Hearing Specialist today to find out more.

Hybrid Hearing Technology

The Hybrid hearing technology behind the hearing aids combines two hearing technologies for the best results. Enjoy better listening comfort, clearer speech understanding, and uncompromised sound.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Stream audio directly to your ears, with full connectivity across multiple device types. Improved phone calls and music streaming through Bluetooth from your smartphone, or better TV experiences if compatible.

Easy Recharging

Costly battery replacements aren't needed. Instead, your hearing aids are easily rechargeable, with the handy charging cases available. Place your hearing aids into the case, and charging will begin. An overnight charge will provide you with a full day of power.

App Controls

The hearing aids are easily adjustable with access to various settings. There's no need to worry about fiddly controls - instead, connect to the Bernafon EasyControl-A app to change your settings to suit you best.

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